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NOW IS always a good time to save water

Rayco Tanks offers premium quality, BPA free, food-grade water storage tanks delivered to your kerbside in the Western Cape.

Our tanks are suited for all types of water storage applications, including rain water harvesting, greywater reuse, municipal water backup systems, and borehole  and well point water tanks.

Our range includes four tanks sizes: 850l Slimline, 1 500l, 2 500l and 5 000l, which all come fitted with a secure lid and two standard 40mm female thread inlet and outlet fittings. The two larger sizes have anchor points for securing the tanks.

Stock colours: grey, beige and green. A wide range of colours available on request, including special colour matching

850l Slimline Water Tank

Diameter – 800mm
Height – 1 700mm

1 500l Water Tank

Diameter – 1 100mm
Height – 1 750mm

2 500l Water Tank

Diameter – 1 400mm
Height – 1 750mm

5 000l Water Tank

Diameter – 1 800mm
Height – 1 950mm

20mm PVC Tap

Supplied with a 40/20mm reducing bush

20mm Lockable Brass Tap

Supplied with a 40/20mm reducing bush

40mm Black Tank Connector

Filter Screen
Gutter Buddy Leaf Catcher

51/74 Tank Spanner

  • Eliminates the use of harmful chlorine-type products
  • Known to break the growth cycle of mosquito larva
  • When used as directed TankKLEER® purifies water to SANS241 standards which is the standard set for potable water in South Africa
  • Nontoxic, eco-friendly, easy to use product
  • Adds vital minerals and micro nutrients to your water and provides great resutls when used for irrigation 
  • Known to act as a natural insecticide and fungicide for your plants
  • Locally produced to a world class standard
1l of product treats 10 000l of water.

1l = R175
5l = R475
25l = R2070


  • Great for removing rust stains caused by borehole water sprinklers
  • Ideal for cleaning exterior walls, driveways, foundations, fences, sheds, lawn furniture
  • Use on concrete, stucco, wood, fiberglass, brick & painted surfaces
  • No rubbing or scrubbing required
  • Stains are simply dissolved away
  • Known to remove lime scale and calcium deposits on shower windows & glass
  • RustKLEER® is 100% biodegradable and non-carcinogenic. It will not harm your plants.
1l = R160
5l = R460
25l = R1790

Accessories & other products will be delivered with your tank order.

Seamless design strength and durability

Installation Instructions

Please follow these instructions to ensure the correct installation of your Rayco tank:

  • Place the tank on a solid, level foundation that has been correctly constructed or prepared to withstand the full force it will bear when the tank is full.
  • If installing the tank on a reinforced concrete slab, ensure the slab is larger than the whole base of the tank.
  • Should the tank be installed on a slatted base made of wood or steel, ensure that the gap between the slats is not more than 100mm.
  • Ensure that fittings are tight (but do not over tighten) and use thread tape or silicon where necessary.
  • Any plumbing done into and out of the tank is to be done in such as way that it does not exert undue force or damage the tank in any manner.
  • Ensure that provision is made for an overflow to avoid excessive pressure build-up in the tank.
  • If securing the tank,  use the anchor points on the tank and ensure that wires are tight, but not so tight that they cause the tank to deform. 
  • Use hosepipe or similar to protect the tank from any cables used to secure the tank.
  • Do not attempt to move the tank while it contains any liquid.
  • Do not drop the tank.

Please note: any modification to the tank or use of the tank other than as intended by the manufacturer will negatively affect the warranty.

10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

Rayco Tanks offers a 10 year warranty, provided that the nature of the damage is manufacturing related.

This warranty is subject to the correct installation of the tank and does not include any damage related to:

  • Improper handling
  • Improper storage
  • Improper installation, including defective or incorrect fittings being used
  • Subsequent modifications or alterations to the tank, including cutting,  welding or the use of adhesive substances
  • Storage of any corrosive substances in the tank
  • Storage of liquid in excess of 40°C
  • Using the tank for anything other than the purpose it was intended for

For any warranty related queries, please contact sales@raycotanks.co.za.